Thursday, October 14, 2010

APP Interviewer

APP Interviewer

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Ms. Barbara Schwartz

APP Interviewer

APP: Hello again, Barbara, - - haven't interviewed you for a couple months, missed you and wanted to do some catching up. I trust everything is going well with you.

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: Thanks, things could be better but it could be worse, too. How are you?

APP: Great, but I'm curious as usual... Can't help wondering what my favorite interview is up to these days.

BARBARA SCHWARTZ:  I would like to tell you some things but always I must be careful because my defamers twist every word around and makes lies out of them. Cyberstalkers keep trying to put me in a trap in ARS, ESMB, OCMB, WWP and other hate forums. These criminal defamer creeps like Gregory Hall aka Neal Warren aka Ladypilot, and now aka APP Interviewer, can you believe it? The welfare bum keeps posting about me even if I haven't posted there since months.

APP: What did you say about APP Interviewer in ARS? I don't post there.

BARBARA SCHWARTZ:  It's that forger and criminal Gregory Hall forging you now. He forges everybody. L. Ron Hubbard, Mark de Rothschild, Dwight David Eisenhower and more. He has dozens of sock puppets. The criminal bum needs to be arrested. The drunken animal is stupid beyond belief. No woman would want him. If he were the only man left on the Earth and I was the only woman left I would puzzle out his location and I would run, walk, crawl and swim all the way to the other side of the Earth to be as far away from the creep as possible. I despise him like no other.

APP: But, wait a minute please. Tell me more about this Gregory Hall forging me as APP Interviewer. Maybe I should sue him for copyright violations?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ:  Yes, sue him all the way into prison where I would be happy to see him rotting for his crimes the rest of his miserable filthy life. He also still posts remailers on ARS defaming me. Then talks to them as I would have posted them and he forges me too. He is disturbed prison material... He thinks people are stupid and won't get that the only person who posts these flattering postings on himself is himself. He hopes that his victims will forget the personal bad experiences that they had with him, the dummy, abuser and that his abuse suddenly doesn't count anymore. I have met stupid men in the past, but I believe he tops them all as far as stupidity is concerned. He is the stupidest. I call it Big Bang stupid as in crawling drunk in New York City rush hour traffic stupid.

APP: I'm not so sure about that, Barbara. He seems to be pretty clever at getting your attention. I think he really loves you, cares about you and wants you. He's got you acting like a school girl with puppy love for her professor. You remember how that goes, I'm sure. A school girl with a crush on her teacher always acts like she hates his guts but she acts like that so she doesn't have to admit to herself and her friends that she wants him to...

BARBARA SCHWARTZ:  Stop it right there, mister. What's wrong with you? Are you drinking beer? How dare you say any such a thing! How can anybody be so wrong. Take it back or this interview is ended! I won't listen to such lowtone trash.

APP: I take it back. I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry.

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: And make sure it never happens again. I have important things to do and won't let anybody twist my real feelings. If you would read my blog you would see I love nobody but the real Marty Rathbun. I would rather die that even think of animal bum Gregory Hall touching my body.

APP: Oh, that reminds me. I see you have a new photo. You look remarkably young. How does a middle-aged woman keep looking younger and prettier every year. You look like a teenager. Or, is that an older photo?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: (laughs) You probably think it's Photoshopped? You're insulting me too much today. It's a good thing I'm in a good mood or you would be history. I will answer your question. That photo was taken last week. It's proof that Scientology works. I'm an OT so I know how to postulate and my postulates work as Ron says they would work. I postulate myself younger and every day I become younger. Don't you think I'm pretty?

APP: Of course. I've always thought you were very attractive. I've always wanted to interview you in person...

BARBARA SCHWARTZ:  (interrupts) Watch it! I'm a married woman. If you would be interested in me for anything but telephone interviews you would be barking up the wrong tree. I have no interest in any man but my soulmate Marty. All other men need to love me like a sister and have no lover lust thoughts. Get it?

APP: Forgive me, Barbara. I'm don't know what came over me. Let me change the subject. I hear that your deck is in bad shape. My sources say it's getting gray and weathered and needs some Thompson's Waterseal treatment. And the nails are rusting and coming out so they can injure your big feet if you step on the nail heads that are sticking up because somebody did a poor job hammering them in. Maybe I could help you with it. I have carpenter experience.

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: (laughs again loudly) You sound just like Gregory Hall.

APP: Ouch!

BARBARA SCHWARTZ:  You keep trying just like him. And there you go again poking fun at my big feet. Greg started that. He never takes NO for an answer. Well, you better take no for an answer or hit the road.  I don't want any reporter to know where I live. I demand my privacy. If you would know my house location you might let it slip then every stalker and defamer in the world would be after me like a paparazzi gang. Not even the the SEGNPMSS knows how to find me and I want to keep it that way.

APP: Fair enough. What about this. We could meet downtown for lunch or dinner and a movie some time? You don't have anything good to say about Gregory Hall but nobody has better tastes in women than he does. I have to agree with him that you would make the perfect helpmate, so irresistable...



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